Together with my friend Kelly Shore, from Petals by the Shore, we combined our passions... with my love of thinking outside the box and background in the Arts with Kelly's passion of highlighting our U.S. flower farmers and what is growing where by whom 365 days a year along with our desire to truly have HOPE each day.

Who is Hope?

Hope is a Floral Designer who travels throughout the United States, sharing the love and importance of flowers, especially locally grown blooms!

How can you help Hope travel state to state encouraging people about the power of FLOWERS?

  • Download the template 
  • Color Hope and or create your own character to reflect you and photograph it with flowers in your backyard, farm or with something you created using local or American grown flowers!
  • You don’t have to have kids - this is for everyone! 
  • Post your photo, tag the growers, tell us about where you are and where Hope has traveled.  
  • Invite us to know more about you & your community! 
  •  Help Hope travel by sharing with Friends!

Together let's see how many places Hope can visit and spread the love of flowers!

@travelnwithhope #travelnwithhope

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